bangHip hop artist Chief Keef released his 3rd LP Bang 3. This album was supposed to be released 2 years ago. He was released from Interscope records, because he failed to go to shows. I listen to the album and found that the artist upgraded his music and made quality music.


Blog Post Summary

When I first read the syllabus, i was dreading doing the blog. Once i created my first blog my whole mind changed. While creating the blog, I noticed I started paying attention to a lot of sites about music. I started to pay attention the way i tweeted on my account and the stuff i posted on social media. Once i am done with football i will know how to use social media to build my self image and promote myself. I will have this blog to show to future employers so i can show them that i am really good with these tools.

Twitter Rant Gone Wrong !!!!

drakeA hashtag i have been following on twitter is the DrakeVsMeekMill. The beef between the two artist started with a twitter rant from artist Meek Mill. He tweeted that rapper Drake did not write his owns lyrics. The reason it touched a lot of fans because Drake claims he is the best. As a fan we expect the best to be authentic and not generic. Following the twitter rant the beef turned into diss songs.  Drake released two diss tracks, that easily humiliated Meek Mill. Meek Mill released a diss song that was not really a diss track. He used the music to expose Drake by releasing the sound bites of Drake Ghost writers.

Sports 2 Go

This will be the first mobile app that allow people to place bets for video games.  If you play a lot of video games, you know there is always competition with your friends. On the home screen there will be three games you could bet on. The first game on the screen is NB2k, The second one is Madden and The third one is FIFA. The reason I picked these three games is because you can pick many different teams.  Once you select the game you want to play. It will go to a confirm page and then you play with the scelect team you want.

Then on the last page you would have to sign up with your email, make a user name and present credit card information. Once you make the step on the last page, you will have to only do it once. 

Major Without A Deal


Troy Ave a New York Artist caught my attention last week from a interview from While watching the interview the artist was getting grilled by the radio host.Troy Ave made the statement that he had the number one album of the year far as independent artists. I immediately thought, was his music quality. So I went to YouTube and lived stream his album. The album was really good and  he deserved to make the type of comments he made. If you pay attention to the Hip-hop music industry, it has been hard for any New York artist to break out in the music industry.